Stem Cell Therapy

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are powerful cells because they are not specialized, their future lies where they are needed. When stem cells are placed into an area of the body, they will specialize into the type of cell that is needed in that space. For example, a blood cell will always be a blood cell even if it is relocated to the liver, but a stem cell that gets moved into a muscle will convert into a muscle cell.

Typically, stem cells are harvested from adipose tissue. The collection of fat must be performed under anesthesia. The tissue is sent to a specialized laboratory so the stem cells can be obtained. Once the sample is concentrated, the lab will ship the sample back to the clinic and these cells can be used for repair and regeneration of numerous tissues types. This treatment is commonly used on patients with osteoarthritis.

Stem Cell Therapy for Pets in Zionsville

This new and emerging treatment has the power to heal a variety of problems by using the body’s own regenerative properties.

Dr. Cantrell has completed training for Stem Cell Therapy and our team would love to discuss this new treatment with you! ​For more information, stories, and FAQs, click here.

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