Growing up Sam always had a love for animals. Bringing home stray cats was a normal summer past time for them. After deciding they needed a career change, Sam went to the Vet Tech Institute in 2015 and finally found their calling. Sam loves working here at CPH with Dr. Cantrell and the rest of the team because helping animals and their humans truly brings them the joy and fulfillment that Sam was missing. Getting to help nervous animals experience better visits with fear-free handling has been Sam’s favorite part about being a part of the CPH team. In their free time away from the clinic, Sam loves to spend their time with their family; their partner and their 2 boys, along with their dogs Minnie, Shilo, and Brock Lee and their cats Jasmine and Sue Shi. You can often find Sam cracking jokes in and outside of the clinic and trying to make everyone that they meet smile and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for people and kindness goes a long way with our furry friends. Spread the word. 

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