The opportunity to enter the veterinary profession presented itself more than 30 years ago. Learning about advances in veterinary medicine as they happened between then and now has been very fulfilling.

As a child, Debbie always looked forward to “Doc Slavic,” one of the few veterinarians in the county, coming to her farm to care for the livestock. (She never questioned what he did.)
This was the best opportunity for vaccines or medicines to be administered to the cats and dogs. There were always lots of cats, and she had three barns and 80 acres. The dogs were always by their sides when they were available. Neighbors were not close, so the “pets” were true companions.

One spring, Debbie had 21 kittens to play with. She can hear Dad stating, “Ole Tom must have come around”. Another spring, she had 100 chicks!

Being part of Community Pet Healthcare is a privilege. Dr. Cantrell, Dr Quammen, and Dr. Potts, being respected industry leaders, have elevated their already superb staff to levels rarely seen. Our standards of service are exceptional, and every effort is made to care for patients as well as their families.

Debbie and her dear husband Rick are proud of their sweet and loving daughter Natalie, who lives in Montana. She is happily married, and she and John have given them two precious…grand-dogs!

So that being said, Debbie’s pet family, Monaco, Ocho, and Cricket, are really her kids!

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